One More Semester

My sister graduated from college on Friday, and I have just one more semester to go. The thought of this terrifies me. We are both becoming official adults within the same calendar year. How is this even possible?

Despite my terror at what the future holds, though, I am also excited to be beginning the next chapter of my life. I can already feel the pages turning beneath me. I will be traveling across a foreign country this summer with one of my best friends, only to come home, finish school, and explore another foreign land once again when I graduate (except this time with a big girl job…).

So the future is grand, and it’s holding amazing things — amazingly terrifying things. But I’m glad for it, for if you’re not afraid of what may lurk ahead, you’re not dreaming big enough.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. Please look forward to more regular posts from me in the near future, since I actually have the time again to do so.

Thanks for reading, and bye-bye.


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