Some Sunday Thinking

“Recognize My Work in your daily life. Gradually, a feeling of wonder, certainty, gratitude, then joy will follow.”

Happy Sunday, everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve had the chance to share some of my more religious thoughts with you, and since it’s Sunday and I have a little bit of time to write, I figured, why not start again?

The quote at the very start of this post is today’s reminder from God (from an app on my phone lol). I use these reminders to motivate me and keep me thinking about how great God is all the time no matter what else is going on in my life. (Cause let’s face it: When time’s are tough, remembering God’s plan for you and how He always makes everything work out in the end is a little difficult.)

Well, when I read the reminder this morning, I just couldn’t help but think of how accurate it is, because I do recognize God’s work in my life and thus do feel wonder and certainty and gratitude and joy at every single thing that happens, both good and bad. Maybe that’s why bad things don’t bother me so much, because I know God still has His hand in them, and thus I have no reason to let them get me down.

I guess it’s a little like this: I can make my choices, but even so, God is guiding me through them. He is in everything I do, trying to help me get through to the wonders He has set before me.  Yes, at times I screw up, don’t listen to Him, make a bad decision, and suffer the consequences. There are also times when other forces that I have no control over simply get in the way. But through it all, God is still there. He’s planned for the lapses in judgement and the various roadblocks just as He plans for everything else, so He knows how to still have my back and guide me through to my ultimate destiny.

Even with all the bad, thanks to my faith and trust in God, I still always get where I’m meant to go, which is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

See, God shapes us and changes us every single day in ways we can’t even see. He improves us, and then He helps us to improve others. And it’s just one giant cycle of increasing closeness, love, and betterment with the Lord that you slowly and slowly become more and more aware of. And once you realize it’s there, you become the happiest person you can be.

So today, no matter what’s going on in your life, remember the role that God always plays. As you do, the joy you long for will slowly return.

God bless, and have a glorious day!

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