My Adventure in New York City (Part 3)

As I said last time, today we will briefly discuss the Bernie Sanders man.

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30 Day Challenge – Day 17: Highs and Lows

30 day challenge

So what exactly were my highs and lows of this past year? It’s a little hard to say. I feel like this past year was fairly steady, with not too many peaks or plummets — which is a good thing. Boring is never bad.

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Fangirling and My Career Choice

Being at K Con this weekend has made me realize something: I’m very happy with my decision to go into the media, and I honestly think I might start considering a job in the entertainment portion of it — especially if print reporting isn’t looking promising by the end of my next (and last) two college years.

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My Adventure in New York City (Part 2)

As I said before, these stories are only gonna get better.

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30 Day Challenge – Day 16: “Mainstream” Music

30 day challenge

My views on “mainstream” music? How much more Tumblr could this get, good Lord.

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My Adventure in New York City (Part 1)

Well, it was certainly a trip…

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Traveling Alone

Tomorrow, I’m catching a bus to New York City to spend a weekend gallivanting around the town with my sister.

It’s the first time ever I’ll be traveling alone, and, contrary to prior belief, I’m actually kind of scared.

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30 Day Challenge: Day 15 – My Favorite People

30 day challenge

Well, now I know where this challenge started: Tumblr. Probably should’ve guessed it sooner lol. It has a very Tumblr feel.

Anyway, I don’t use Tumblr, so I’m going to change the topic and simply share with you my favorite people. They’re bloggers, writers, musicians, models, magazines etc. from all across the world, and they make me very happy each and every day.

Here they are:

1.  Lily Collins

She is my Instagram life ❤

She’s been living in South Korea for the past few months helping with an animal rights movement, and it’s just the most perfect thing ever. Give her a follow.

2. Zac Posen

Another Instagram, but this one makes my fashion-loving heart go pitter patter.

Basically, if you want behind the scenes looks at everything amazing in the fashion design world, Zac Posen is your man.

3. Vogue

How could I not promote my dream employer?

Their Insta is fabulous, but don’t forget to check out their website and read some actual articles, too. So good, always.

4. Moments of a Mermaid

This blog is A++

BEKAH 2.png


And also belongs to my sister, so if you don’t go follow it, you suck.

5. BTS

My angels ❤



The least threatening, least serious rap group you’ll ever meet.

They are obviously a Kpop band, and they are the only one that I legitimately follow and like. They have a Twitter, an Instagram, a personal YouTube channel, and an official YouTube channel. They’re hilarious, and their music is actually really great. They make my heart sing. Check them out.

6. Leila

America’s Next Top Model made her one of my most favorite people ever.

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I woke up like dis.

A post shared by Leila Goldkuhl Masterson (@leilss4reals) on

Not only is she gorgeous, with those light blue eyes and that gap in her teeth, but she’s hilarious and incredibly down to earth. She’s a gem. Really. Here’s her Insta.

7. Soojoo


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🙉🙈🙊 @kaws / @galerieperrotin

A post shared by Soo Joo (@soojmooj) on

I love this girl. And she’s friends with GD. Nothing left to say.

8. Freddy

This is just one of those silly accounts that shares all of those random tweets, but it’s one of the only accounts I care about lol. Plus he follows me. Not too shabby.

9. James McVey

James ❤

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This girl's dog is awesome.

A post shared by James McVey (@jamesmcvey) on

Musician, writer, sweet- and dog-lover. Kind, tall, blonde, handsome, British. What more could anyone ask for? Here’s his Instagram, and here’s his Twitter. He also has a YouTube channel, and so does his band. Plus Vevo. Wow, that’s a lot.

10. Cinnamonarts

ARMYs for life ❤

She posts some amazing art, but she’s also a huge BTS fan. So how can I not love her??

And that is all. Talk to you again later.

30 Day Challenge – Day 14: My Earliest Memory

30 day challenge

Hm. My earliest memory. This is actually a tough one, for I don’t know which of the many I have came first. Hm. Hm. Hm. Well, I guess to avoid that problem, we’ll start here:

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A Word on Orlando

I’m no government policy expert. I knew no one in the massacre. I’m just a citizen of a country where yet another mass tragedy has happened, and I’m tired of it.

I’m tired of waking up and seeing that X number of people were gunned down in X town due to X reason.

I’m tired of spending my whole day hearing this friend yammer on about how horrible it was and that friend give me a lecture on how this country is falling apart and we need gun control right now.

I’m tired of turning on the news and scrolling through my social media only to see this outlet spin it one way and that person spin it another yet no one ever address the real problem going on.

Last but not least, I’m tired of the grueling day of forced sympathy followed by absolute silence and indifference. Oh, another shooting? Shame. Moving on.

Was it a hate crime? Was it ISIS? I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t care. Stupid details like that don’t matter to me.

What does matter is that fifty beautiful, healthy people who were, only yesterday, living out their lives are now gone. That’s it. Gone — cold, dead, soon-to-be-in-the-ground gone. Sorry if that harsh description doesn’t sit well with you, but that’s the truth of the matter. And it’s sickening. We should all be sickened by it.

But we’re not. We act like we are, but honestly, many of us just don’t really care. That’s why, even despite it, we keep on talking about our new MacBooks, the cute cat video we saw last week, and Kylie Jenner’s eyes and lips. That’s why, even despite it, I still did my post on the crappy weekend I had at work.

I just want it to stop. What’s happening is stupid. What is so wrong with us that we keep on letting disgusting tragedies like this happen? Why do we care for only 24 hours, then turn a blind eye and barely even remember they ever happened?

“Just another shooting.” That mentality needs to stop. That mentality is going to eat this country alive.

Like I said before, I’m no government policy expert, so I have no idea what the best solution is. I just know the problem needs to be fixed, and it’s time the rest of the nation recognized it, too.