Hello Again

So it’s been a few days, eh?
Well, like I mentioned at the end of my last post, I am now in Florida — Disney World, to be exact. And I planned on blogging every day while here, but that just didn’t happen.
There are many reasons why I didn’t keep my promise, mostly dealing with general exhaustion after walking almost 10 miles every day. However, there are other reasons, too, which I will have to talk about in a later post after I finish this trip. Or maybe even before. Who knows. I just need to find the words to explain it first.
But anyway, here’s a brief update to let you all know I’m still alive. I’m currently by a giant, Pirates of the Caribbean-themed swimming pool getting attacked by bugs while waiting for both a chocolate chip cookie and a thunderstorm to arrive. I am relaxed and happy, and I really have the urge to go creatively write.
Ah, but my cookie is here now, so it looks like I’m gonna go. Talk to you again very soon, I hope.

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