Happy New Year! (Yes, I know I’m late.)

I’ve avoided making my first post of the new year for awhile now, and there’s a few reasons for it.

First of all, I was out of the country for the first half of this month, visiting my boyfriend where he lives in Canada, so it was just generally difficult to find the time to get on here and make a post.

But second of all, I wanted to take some time to think about my life and what I’m doing with it and why I blog before I actually continue doing so.

It’s not that I was thinking to quit this; I wasn’t. I love blogging and will probably never give it up as a hobby, no matter how hectic my life gets. I just wanted to get my reasons for even blogging in the first place straight before I finally started moving forward.

I’ve been feeling a little mixed up lately regarding many things, mostly having to do with what I want my career to be/where I want to one day live. I’m no longer sure if I want to pursue journalism, a different role in the media/entertainment industry, or English teaching, and the struggle to figure out which one I will do one day has been incredibly consuming.

My final goal is still to write novels and become a [hopefully] well-read author, but that’s a dream that is very large. I don’t know if I will ever achieve it, so my noveling wants always take the back burner while the other, more practical interests of mine come forth.

I’ve been thinking about this lately, though, and I’m no longer sure if it’s the right approach.

I mean, if I want to get published sooner rather than later (which I do), then shouldn’t I be putting more attention on writing than journalism, especially when I don’t even know if I can get a journalism job when I graduate? But then again, what if my stories are stupid and I would be wasting my time trying to write them down and get them published?

It’s all a huge gamble, and it scares me.

I was hoping to come up with a decision about this over the last few weeks, but I am still at a loss. The only thing I can think of is devoting more time to both sectors I am considering: fiction writing and media/entertainment/journalism, both print and photo (although photo is much more appealing to me now than ever before). I don’t think that this approach can actually work, but I guess I will see how it turns out in the next few months.

That is the real reason why I haven’t blogged yet, though, because I am trying to figure out what type of content I should be putting on here based on what exactly I want to do with my life. Yes, it is true that I do tend to just post whatever I feel like talking about, but it is also true that those thoughts are always geared toward the career I have (or used to have) in mind; I want to be able to use this as a secondary writing portfolio, after all, when I start applying for jobs,  so I have to gear my ideas somewhat toward something I want to do.

But anyway, because I have seemingly made no progress on this matter, I have decided to just carry on my blogging as normal, trying my hardest to post often but probably failing because school sucks. I will be scheduling some posts in the next hour to go live throughout this upcoming week, but after that, I don’t know when the next one will be. Hopefully immediately after those, but one never knows what the future brings.

So until then, this is all. Thanks for reading, enjoy your day, and I’ll talk to you all again real soon.


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