30 Day Challenge – Day 20: Importance of Education

30 day challenge

I feel like I already answered this in one of these. Maybe this one? Probably.

Anyway, education is incredibly important. Everyone, no matter how smart or competent, should push through until they at least graduate high school, for doing so is how they will grow smarter and more competent — and not just with things like algebra and SAT vocab. School also teaches valuable life lessons and builds character outside the classroom. So if someone says something rude or a teacher is mean to you or a math test is really hard, don’t just get fed up and want to quit. Take each event as a lesson on how you one day want to live your life, and carry on.

In general, I believe we are made better human beings through education, even if it’s not from the actual subjects we learn. It’s the simple act of getting up, going somewhere, having responsibilities, and interacting with others that develops us, and it’s essential to the people we become later.

So if you don’t want to waste money on a university education, fine. But at the very least, finish high school. It will be well worth it in the end.

As for university — or college as we call it over here — I see it as more of a life investment than anything. You pay a crap ton of money for just a little bit more learning than you were doing before, as well as specialization/practice in the field of work you plan on pursuing — which you could probably actually skip for a lot of careers.

However, during college, you learn more things about life and yourself and the way the world works than if you would have just went straight from high school into a big kid job (er, as big of a big kid job you could get). So I highly recommend going to college or trade school or whatever regardless of how much you actually want to. The amount of maturation you do while there is totally worth the price tag.

And that is all. I have approximately one month and one day left until school starts, so no more talking about it until then. I want to enjoy the rest of my summer.

Talk to you again soon.


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