My Adventure in New York City (Part 4)

Last time, I told you about the Bernie bro. This time, it’s all about the crazy 12-year-olds.

Okay, so maybe they were 13, but still. They were insane.

They got on the subway with my sister and I later in the afternoon on the day of the Mermaid Parade. Hundreds of people were leaving Coney Island, so they were holding the subway trains in order to get as many on board as possible.

As my sister and I were sitting, a group of twelve-year-olds (accompanied by someone who seemed to be a young dad or cousin) boarded and stood right next to us. At first, we didn’t even notice them, except for maybe the amount of makeup they were wearing. But no matter; they’re at the age where trying to look and act older is the norm.

Well, after a few minutes, we found out just how bad their want to grow up was. After talking about face surgery for some odd reason, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, they started discussing the fact that “you are who you hang out with,” for one of the girls had a good friend with a severe drug problem. And we’re not just talking weed here. Like, hardcore drugs.

But hey, they’re from Brooklyn, so whatever, right? Wrong. After talking about how the girl should stop getting herself into trouble with all of her druggie friends (smart advice), they began discussing another person that the druggie friend girl didn’t like. And by didn’t like, I mean absolutely, 100 percent detested. She was saying awful things about that girl, calling her some pretty nasty names and saying how just the sight of the girl’s face made her want to punch her.

Super harsh. It got me wondering what sort of 12-year-old drama occurred to make her hate that poor girl so much.

“Well, I mean, she stabbed me in the throat, so…”


Yup. The girl that she hated stabbed her in the throat, as the big, long scar on her lower right jawline proved. Apparently, the stabber was just a hair from hitting the jugular, and the face surgery conversation from earlier was directed at this girl for scar removal purposes.

So her hate for this chick was more justified than I thought…

Anyway, they exited the subway at one of the Brooklyn stops, where we found out that the dad character they were with was neither their dad nor their cousin nor their brother nor their friend. He was just some random dude that they met at the parade and started to hang out with.

Nothing like someone 17 years older than you to keep you company, right?

Well, that was the last we ever saw of those girls. Their situation kind of makes me sad, and I really hope they get their lives straightened out soon.

But for now, that is all. Talk to you again later.



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