30 Day Challenge – Day 19: Disrespecting Your Parents

30 day challenge

What on Earth? Why did I choose this tag??

Okay, so here’s my question: What the fudge does “disrespecting your parents” mean? Am I supposed to spend this post disrespecting my parents? Like, should I be pulling out all those “mama so fat” jokes from middle school and using them on my own mother right now? I really hope not. That would be an awful challenge.

So maybe I’m just supposed to talk about the general act of disrespecting parents?

I have no idea. This is so bizarre.

Well, kids, you shouldn’t disrespect your parents. Ever. Actually, you shouldn’t disrespect anyone ever. It’s just rude and uncalled for, and you should always be a better person than that.

Now, I know: Sometimes it’s hard, and we accidentally end up being disrespectful no matter how much we try to hold our tongues. Been there, done that. But when it happens, we should apologize. Always. Cause like I said, disrespect is rude and uncalled for, and it shouldn’t be tolerated.

Yeah, parents, I’m talking to you now. Stop putting up with your whiny, bratty, horrible kids and start teaching them some manners. I’m sick of having to listen to mothers and fathers complain about how awful their children are as I’m ringing out $500 worth of clothing that said kids just picked out.

jimin gif

It frustrates me to no end.

Anyway, that’s all for “disrespecting parents.” What a topic. Talk to you again soon.


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