30 Day Challenge – Day 18: My Beliefs

30 day challenge

Literally, could this be any more vague? The person who wrote this tag is not a journalist.

Okay. Beliefs. What are my beliefs?

Beliefs on what??? Literally, what the heck am I supposed to be talking about right now?? You could have been a little more specific!!!

Ugghhhh. I have no idea. I think I’m just gonna pick a few broad topics and tell you my beliefs on them. Yes, that should do the trick.


Stay in school, kids. It might suck a lot, but it teaches you things you can’t learn anywhere else. And I’m not just talking about upper-level calculus. I’m talking about lessons that don’t come from a textbook or a lecture in class. It’s the little things you experience and witness, the offhand comments some people will eventually say, that lead you to become the person you’ll one day be. And you don’t want to miss that. So stay in school. It may not seem like it while you’re there, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Le Tour de France:

Is on my television right now! I love the Tour de France, and it makes every summer that much better. Some people find it stupid, but I don’t know. I love biking — and apparently watching people biking. So yeah. Tour de France. Two thumbs up from me.


Get a job. Work for your money. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, just work. Don’t bum off your parents. Don’t bum off the government. If you need other support besides your job or can’t work for specific, special reasons, that’s totally fine. But the rest of us competent, healthy people doing absolutely nothing need to get jobs and start working. Stop being lazy and make a way for yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to do so for you.

The Presidential Election:

Everyone’s an idiot, and in the first presidential election I can vote, I’m gonna be forced to make a very bad decision. It just depends on which version of bad I want: the fake, corrupt, scandalous kind of bad or the angry, racist, imma-get-us-blown-up kind of bad. Also, if Hillary becomes president, will Bill’s suit go on display in the first ladies dress exhibit in the American history Smithsonian? Or will they make a first man exhibit?

These are the questions that plague us…


Is stupid. I wish we didn’t have to fight it. But people are stupid and insist on letting their anger get the best of them, so we constantly have to fight it. One day we’ll learn better than to murder each other over silly opinions, though. Just probably not any day soon.

Organic Living:

Eating healthy is very important, and we should not still be adding harmful chemicals into our food in order to make it tastier, cheaper, and longer lasting. I’m sorry, but what idiot thought of adding things you’re not supposed to eat into your food in order to make it more edible? Makes no sense. And also, how can adding things to your food end up being cheaper than not adding things to your food?? The mindset of society, that’s how.

Anyway, I feel like this is one thing our government really misses the boat on: better food standards. But, hey, it rakes in the cash, doesn’t it?

*extreme eye roll*


Unless you know you could marry the person you just met, dating is stupid. Why waste time running around with someone when you know you’re just going to one day crash and burn? It’s stupid. Painful. Pointless. So spare yourself until you find someone you can really see yourself living the rest of your life with. Then find out if it’s meant to be. I mean, if it doesn’t work out, then at least you can say you thought you had a chance. It might be a little more painful than typical dating, but at least it’s more memorable/more worth your time.


It was in my yogurt this morning, and although I’ve never eaten an actual one, I must say that I quite love the fruit, in all of its strangeness.

And that is all. Time to get ready for work. Thanks for reading, and talk to you later.


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