30 Day Challenge – Day 17: Highs and Lows

30 day challenge

So what exactly were my highs and lows of this past year? It’s a little hard to say. I feel like this past year was fairly steady, with not too many peaks or plummets — which is a good thing. Boring is never bad.

There are, however, a few moments that still stick out, so I guess those are what I’ll share with you today.


  • Getting asked to work for a major newspaper
  • Seeing One Direction in concert on my birthday
  • Getting the best Epcot mug ever from my parents’ trip to Disney
  • Getting asked to write for a moderately sized magazine
  • Dropping my advanced econometrics class and sticking it to my evil professor
  • Finishing my spring semester with all A’s
  • Finishing my sophomore year in general
  • Watching the Pens win another Cup
  • Finally seeing BTS in concert
  • Generally making lots of new friends and having lots of people continue to like my writing


  • Realizing that the newspaper was a misogynist organization and being forced to quit in order to maintain my sanity
  • Not getting to go on my parents’ trip to Disney 😦
  • Not being asked to continue writing for the magazine once my time there was up
  • Finishing my fall semester knowing I had all A’s but then checking my final grades only to see that I apparently bombed my econometrics final and thus dropped to a B in the class TTTTTTTTTT
  • Being harassed by my advanced econometrics professor to the point where I had to withdraw from the course and drop from an econ major to a minor simply in order to avoid him
  • My sophomore year in general

All in all, not too bad, and hopefully next year will be even better.

Talk to you all again later.


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