Fangirling and My Career Choice

Being at K Con this weekend has made me realize something: I’m very happy with my decision to go into the media, and I honestly think I might start considering a job in the entertainment portion of it — especially if print reporting isn’t looking promising by the end of my next (and last) two college years.

This probably seems like a stupid thing to blog about, but do you know what made me realize it (and thus makes it worth penning)? A group of girls who screamed as they saw Eric Nam walk by.

Yes. Fangirling made me realize I am on the right path for my life.

Now, when these girls saw Eric Nam, they freaked out — to the max — and drew a huge amount of attention and people to the poor guy just trying to get into the building. Do I blame them? No. He’s pretty darn cool. But do I still hate when people do that? Yeah, I really freaking do.

Granted, I’ve fangirled myself before, but never in front of an actual celebrity. I’ve only ever done it in front of my friends or by myself. I just don’t think it’s right to lose your cool like that in front of the person you’re meeting. Do it before or after, but at the end of the day, that person is, well, just another person. So there’s no need freak out and lose your mind because of your excitement — or at least not right in front of the celebrity.

In all honesty, I just wish fans would realize how uncomfortable their idols are when they start going crazy in front them. I know that, if I was famous and a fan started screaming and crying in front of me, I’d be very freaked out and worried and probably just want to leave. I’d of course be too nice to actually do that, but that’s definitely how I would feel. So I can only imagine that something similar goes through their heads when they experience that, too.

And, sure, you can argue that they signed up for the attention and thus have to learn to live with it. Whatever. Maybe they did, and maybe that’s a valid point. But I still feel like you should respect your idols enough to not break down right in front of them. Be cool, and they’ll be cool, too.

Anyway, how the heck did any of this make me decide on a career? To be honest, I’m not sure. All I know is that, all day, I saw girls and boys freaking out at the sights and sounds of their favorite celebrities, and as I saw it, it struck me that I don’t want to be on the fan side of things anymore. These people are people, and I want to capture that, in whatever way I can.

What exactly will I do in entertainment? I don’t know. Photography, videography, writing, reporting, managing — I’m open to any of it. Heck, maybe I’ll even become the entertainer myself. But I just know I wanna do it. I think I kind of always have. So that’s what I’m gonna pursue.

Bye-bye, newspapers.

And that is all. Sorry this isn’t as eloquent as possible; I don’t feel like editing anymore. Talk to you again later.



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