My Adventure in New York City (Part 1)

Well, it was certainly a trip…

I honestly didn’t think I could encounter so many … interesting people all at once. Even as a wannabe journalist, I just didn’t think that much character was possible. But it is. Oh man, it is, and today, I’m here to start sharing it with you.

Really and truly, I could write a whole book just about the people I noticed this past weekend. However, I don’t have time for that (obviously), so instead, I’m going to tell you solely about the individuals who stuck out to me the most, starting with the one on the bus ride there.

But first, mark my words: I will never take another Greyhound ever again. It’s not worth it. No matter where in this country I go, I’ll drive, fly, swim, walk. I don’t care. Just no more buses for me. NO MORE. I can’t take it. I will absolutely go insane.

Okay. Tangent over.

The first 40 minutes or so of my ride there were perfectly fine. I sat writing on my laptop, and the dude next to me sat reading his book. But then I could see him starting to get bored, and, suddenly, I felt his eyes wander over to my screen.

Now, I have a huge problem with people reading over my shoulder. It’s probably the number one biggest way to make me uncomfortable. Why? I don’t know. I just don’t like it. I guess the way I think about it is, if you can see it when it’s done, why do you need to pry on my personal thought process? Answer: You don’t. So stop.

I really like my privacy lol.

Well, I wanted to just stop typing, close my laptop, and put it away, but something in me said no. Why let some nebby dweeb ruin your fun when you’re literally never going to see him again? He can think what he wants. I’m gonna keep typing.

No. Wrong decision. Biggest mistake of my life. I should’ve shut the thing down, popped in some headphones, and pretended like I was sleeping, cause maybe five minutes later, I heard a very quiet inquisition come directly from my left.

“Is that for school or something?”

It took all I had in me not to curl up my lip in frustration and disgust.

I turned and looked at my little bus buddy, who was looking down at my computer screen.

“No, it’s not.”

“Oh, well then what’s it for?”

“Just for fun.”

And over the next nine hours, the questions didn’t stop.

You know how I mentioned “wannabe journalist” earlier? Yeah, well I wanna be a journalist because I like asking the questions, not answering them.

I literally could’ve strangled this kid. He told me his whole entire life story — of how he “struggled with stuff” in high school, was sent away from New Hampshire (I think) by his parents to Pittsburgh, then started working at a halfway house and came to God and Christ. He just turned 20 in April and was heading back home to open a house of his own.

Wow. Awesome. Good for him. Legit, that’s an amazing story, and I wish him the best of luck. But the nine hours of praising me on my similar nondenominational Christian faith that followed was more than I could handle, especially with the racist, prejudiced, and judgmental comments toward other people thrown in. Like, dude, that’s not Christianity. Christ loves everyone no matter what, so you should love everyone no matter what, too. It’s that never-ending, unshakable love that brings people to Him, not missionaries who walk around sharing their personal testimonies and criticizing others for not thinking the same way. That’s hypocritical to the religion and gives us a bad rep.

Ah, and speaking of missionaries, after this kid told me all about how he healed a man who couldn’t walk just by praying over his knee in Market Square (not impossible, sure, but do I believe it?? Ehhhh….), he told me that I should be a missionary because I love traveling and learning languages and serving God so much. And then he said, and I quote:

“Wow. I think I just prophesied over you.”


I could’ve jumped out the window of that moving bus right then and there.

My consensus by the end of our ride together: My little bus neighbor is not just a Christian. He’s a crazy Christian, and he has a lot of learning to do before he finally gets himself right. But, hey, at the end of the day, he can do what he wants because his faith is ultimately between him and God. I just pray that, one day, he’ll finally fully figure it out.

I also must add, though, that he reminds me a lot of the book The Violent Bear it Away. Not a good thing, lol.

Okay, that’s all I have time to say now. Next episode, we’ll talk about the Chinese lady for whom I served as a tripod.

Yes, these stories only get better.

Thanks for reading, and talk to you again later.



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