30 Day Challenge – Day 12: Bullet Your Whole Day

30 day challenge

You ready to hear the most boring day anyone’s ever had?? No? Well, you better get ready. Cause that’s what you’re in for.

  • Opened eyes at 7:15. Rolled over, looked at clock, saw that it was 7:15. Closed eyes and continued sleeping.
  • Woke up for real at 8:35. Laid in bed until 9:15, hoping to maybe doze. Never did. Got up and started writing
  • At 10:30, moved from bedroom to kitchen for a cup of tea. Continued writing.
  • Wrote until 11 thanks to a major spark of “creative genius” (term used loosely).
  • After writing, turned on this Spotify playlist and finished planning my family’s trip to Disney.
  • Around 1, took my dog on a walk. She went for the first time ever all the way up the road without her harness and without pulling. She also shredded a very large stick. I was proud.
  • Read another awesome piece from my friend Julian at the Wall Street Journal. [Happy now?]
  • Made a beautiful spinach and strawberry salad at 2:15, which I complemented with a handful of sweet potato chips (shoutout to Aldi) and a bit of cookies and cream ice cream (lol you thought I was healthy for a sec).
  • While eating lunch, I studied some Korean. Today was the difference between -jeok and -jeokida. Secret: There really is none.
  • Also while eating lunch, I advised a friend not to visit Africa. Africa is dangerous. No offense to any Africans who may be reading this.
  • At 3:15, I proceeded to clean my house from top to bottom. I also cleaned out my toaster. Thank you, family, for always leaving that for me to do. It was a mess. Daisy ate a lot of stale bread crumbs. If she’s sick tomorrow, you know why.
  • Somewhere in that cleaning, I agreed to go hang with my friend Ana tomorrow.
  • At 5, I moved on to cleaning my room. I got all of my clothes put away before some foreign candy distracted me. Thanks, Jay. The sour grape ones are the best. Oh, and I still don’t get what maijjus are. (Lol at the Romanization. My Chews? Is that what it’s supposed to be? Idk, obviously.) Ps, I made it sound like I ate them all. I didn’t. I just tried one of each.
  • Took a walk with my mom to get the mail. As always, there was nothing for me.
  • Went for a drive. Successfully parallel parked the car. Woot.
  • After arriving home, my mom made me a grilled cheese with Vermont sharp white cheddar and tomato. It was the best thing ever. I also had some grapes. Thanks, mom. You rock.
  • While eating, I turned on my computer to begin blogging. A weird screen from 1992 popped up and asked me if I wanted to start an update. I politely declined.
  • Began this blog post.
  • During this blog post, I saw that the pictures from the wedding I helped photograph the other week were finally edited. I looked through them, realized a ton of the ones I took were used, and did a little [internal] happy dance. I was terrified I did the whole thing wrong. Obviously, I didn’t.
  • My mom FaceTimed my sister, but I kind of ignored them in my photo excitement. Sorry, Bekah. I miss you, really. Badminton isn’t the same without you. Actually, it doesn’t exist without you. Daisy and I are very bored. Come back soon.
  • Now I’m about to edit this post. After that, I will probably eat some chocolate and watch some YouTube. Who knows, I might even get the energy to write something else. We shall see.

And that is all. Ta-ta for now.


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