30 Day Challenge – Day 6: 30 Facts About Me

30 day challenge

Yayyyy no more depressing topics!!

Time to tell you 30 interesting facts about me (as if you care lol). Not gonna lie, this will be very difficult, for I’m not that interesting of a person. But whatever. Let’s do it anyway.

[WordPress is being a jerk and not letting me number what’s below unless I have something typed here. So thanks, WordPress, and you can ignore this, reader.]

  1. I was born with blue eyes but quickly underwent brown iris pigmentation 😦
  2. I’m a hockey fanatic, but the only reason I got into the sport is because I thought Sidney Crosby was cute
  3. I am severely pigeon-toed
  4. I’ve had two black eyes in my life: One from getting hit in the face by a Frisbee my sister threw, and one from slipping on my pajama pants while chasing my dog around the coffee table. Yes. True story.
  5. I broke a girl’s nose once
  6. I graduated in the top one percent of my high school class (8 of 264)
  7. Stanford once tried to recruit me for their English program (lol as if I was actually Stanford material)
  8. I have a really bad habit of twirling my hair, to the point where I do it 95 percent of the time and don’t even realize it
  9. I’ve never had a cavity
  10. I’ve never had braces
  11. I don’t have to get any of my wisdom teeth out, but they’ve been growing in for about three years now. They’re still nowhere near being done, and every time they’re coming in, they HURT.
  12. I once went up in a hot air balloon
  13. If I eat tree nuts, I’ll die 😦 (so my EpiPen is my best friend)
  14. I have more friends in foreign countries than I do in this one (the U.S.)
  15. I have a birthmark the shape of Australia on my left hand
  16. I speak English, Spanish, and Korean. Hablo Inglés, Español, y Coreano.  영어와 스페인어와 한국어를 말해요.
  17. I give my dog a voice. Yes. Judge me.
  18. I can sing fairly well, but I refuse to sing in front of other people out of fear and embarrassment stemming from my middle school choir days
  19. I can write, but the second I try to say something out loud, I might as well be both dyslexic and verbally impaired
  20. I teach English as a hobby
  21. I got my first real journalism job when I was only 18
  22. I’m borderline obsessive-compulsive
  23. People are my biggest interest. If I could hear every single person’s life story, I would.
  24. I’m double-jointed in my left thumb and my breast plate (yes, that’s possible)
  25. A one-armed prostitute once told me her whole entire life story in a West Virginia Sheetz bathroom. I was 12.
  26. I have about seven novels that I’ve started writing. Emphasis on the “started.”
  27. I know a lot about a lot of different things, and I’m not quite sure how I got that way
  28. To fall asleep at night when I was little, I would make up stories in my head where Nick Carter and I were the two main characters. Thinking back on them now, they’re not half bad.
  29. I was the youngest in my immediate family (meaning parents, siblings, and direct relatives) for 18 years. Then they all finally had kids *tears of joy*
  30. I’ve never gotten a manicure or pedicure

I really ran out of facts there at the end, if you couldn’t tell lol.

That is all! Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic night.


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