30 Day Challenge: Day 3 – Drugs and Alcohol

30 day challenge

Well, I sorta, kinda fell a little behind with this. Busy weekend followed by the start of a busy week — oops. I promise I’ll be better in the coming days.

Today’s topic is drugs and alcohol and how I feel about them, a very simple post, to be honest.

Drugs are stupid.

Alcohol is gross.

The end. Have a great day. *waves*

No, but really, I care for neither drugs nor alcohol.

I’m not exactly sure why. Well, I do know for alcohol. I just don’t like the way it tastes, and I’m also very sensitive to it. So I avoid it. Drugs, however, I don’t know. I guess I’ve just always been told to stay away from them because of the gross things that they do to you. And also they’re illegal. And also I don’t want to be an addict. So yeah, I avoid those, too.

It’s not like I’m suppressing the want to do drugs because society says they’re bad, though. I just have no desire to ingest strange substances in various ways and thus hallucinate (and maybe even die) from it. Not my cup of tea. Tea is my cup of tea. I’d much rather have that.

As for people who do drink and do drugs (including smoking), good for you. I don’t judge. It’s your life. Go live it the way you want. So long as you’re not hurting me or my family/friends, I don’t care.

Actually, the last bit of that makes me hate smoking a lot. You can choose to smoke a cigarette, but if I have to walk past you on the street as you’re smoking it, I have no choice but to breathe in the toxins you put out. That’s not very fair, now is it?

Moving on, do I wish that drugs (excluding smoking) were made legal where I live? Actually, yes. Not only would it be fantastic for the economy, but it would also render all of the dealers, cartels, and other crime lords that come along with the current illegal trade obsolete. I mean, why do a shady street corner transaction when you could instead walk into a legitimate, regulated store and pick up exactly what you need, guaranteed that it isn’t laced with anything else (as well as guaranteed that you won’t get shot)? So I guess legality would also make drugs a little safer, and it would certainly help with some of the overpopulation in our prison system.

As for the whole “it’ll cause more addicts” argument, I don’t actually think it will. People will still be educated on how bad drugs are for you, just like with cigarettes, and so people will still have the knowledge they need in order to say no. If they’re made legal, it’s not like they will suddenly be deemed an okay thing to do.

But anyway, those are my thoughts on drugs and alcohol. Yayy. Post over. See you next time.


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