30 Day Challenge: Day 1 – Describe Single Life

30 day challenge

I saw this a few months ago, and I’ve actually been dying to do it.

I don’t know what it is about this one. Normally I see these sorts of things and gag from the cheesiness, but this time around, it just seemed like a really fun way to spice up my blog in between normal posts. So I’m gonna do it. Cause why not?

I will admit, though, that I didn’t read past the very first day until now. And seeing some of the later ones on the list, this may not be as fun as I thought. But it’ll certainly be interesting, so I’m gonna go with it anyway.

The first day’s challenge is to describe your relationship, and if you’re single, to talk about singe life.

Well, folks, I am single — as single as single could be. And I both love and hate it.

I love it because of the freedom. I can do what I want, say what I want, dress how I want, eat what I want, spend time with who I want, and just generally enjoy my life without ever having to worry about anything some other random dude wants. It’s nice, for I always have way too much to worry about anyway besides a boyfriend. So I like just worrying about me (and my family and friends, of course).

I hate it, though, because, even though I really do love my freedom, there are also times where I can get really lonely. When that occurs, it seems like every other person around me is suddenly cuddling his or her significant other while I’m just standing there like an awful, ugly, unwanted blob. I see that and start to feel like I’m missing out, which simply makes the loneliness even worse.

That might seem like a stupid reason to hate being single, for, technically speaking, I still have friends and family to spend my time with. However, sometimes friends and family aren’t enough. Sometimes I want a cute guy to make me happy, too.

Hey, as much as I’m the stereotypical independent woman, I’m still human.

So I guess single life has its ups and downs. While it’s cool to be able to stay in and read all night by yourself or go out to Chipotle at random with your best friend, sometimes you want to stay in and read or go out to Chipotle with your homeboy. And when that happens, single life kind of sucks.

But I always embrace being single and honestly am not afraid to spend the rest of my life alone. I’m very picky when it comes to potential relationships and thus have never really ever had any. But that’s okay. If I’m meant to be forever alone, I’ll just move into a nice city apartment and adopt some cute, little Asian babies. And all will be well.

Another perk of single life that I just thought of: You can pursue literally every one of the dreams you’ve ever had. Go to Peru, downsize your home, continue your cello career, eat a whole gallon of ice cream — you name it, you can do it. Granted, some of us really lucky ones find a significant other who is flexible and adventurous and kind and thus allows all that to happen anyway, but in most relationships, that won’t be the case. Finding a lasting love means getting a stable job, moving to suburbia, and starting a family, not becoming Peru’s most famous cellist. Boooriiiing.

Maybe that’s another reason I avoid commitment. It seems boring. Hm.

So, yeah. That’s single life. Lots of freedom, zero commitment, and occasional loneliness. Do I recommend it? Not necessarily. But if it happens to you, embrace it. It’s really not as bad as it seems. It allows you to be whoever and whatever you want, whenever you want to be it, which doesn’t happen very often. So enjoy it while it lasts.


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