What’s So Wrong with Words?

Over my short, sporadic blogging career, I’ve noticed that the longer my posts are, the less views they get.

As a student journalist, I certainly understand the concept of more length = less readers, so it really doesn’t surprise me that my longer pieces are skipped over. However, what does surprise me is that even those in the blogging world do not want to read when they know they’re going to have to put some time into it.

I guess this surprises me because, naturally, I would assume that those who actively seek out blogs are also those who wholeheartedly love reading, no matter the length. But apparently, I am wrong. Even those individuals who live for the creation of enjoyable, readable material hate to be bothered with its length.

I’m not innocent here, either. Although I’ve read Les Miserables all the way through about four times, most things I see over a few hundred words get skipped by me entirely. Especially during the school year, I simply have zero time and zero patience to deal with non-obligatory lengthy reads, and so I choose not to.

But, my goodness! What’s the big deal? They’re just words.

Everyone acts as if sitting down and reading is such a huge chore, but if you really think about it, no matter the length of the piece, reading is literally no more work than holding a conversation. Save for the fact that you either have to turn the page or scroll the mouse, reading requires approximately zero percent more effort than simply speaking. Yet how many of us would rather have a lengthy conversation with our best friend than read the first chapter of the novel he just wrote? And why is that? Because you don’t want to be bothered with the time it would take to read?

They are just words. The ones you see scattered on every page to have ever been written are the same ones that come out of your mouth and bounce around in your head morning, noon, and night every single day of your life. Yet, somehow, some way, when they are given physical form, they become something more, and we grow terrified.

Yes, words carry a weight greater than anything else in this world. However, that is no reason to let lots of them put together scare you.

Just think of all the incredible bits of knowledge we have probably missed because we were too lazy to read something more than 500 words. There’s got to be a lot, an amount even more terrifying than the length of the works it originally came from. And it’s all because we were too impatient to take the time to read.

What a shame. We should really start thinking of reading differently.



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