School starts Wednesday, and I am ready.

I am ready for once again having too much work to handle, as well as the annual Titanic-like boat of stress that comes along with it.

I am ready for my hopes to start high and then suddenly be crushed as the metaphorical brick that is every semester comes and whacks me in the face.

I am ready for the horrid term papers, the kill-me-I’m-so-bored seminars, the late nights spent editing a newspaper that no one ever reads, the never-ending lectures on subjects in which I have no interest whatsoever, the professors who decide the second I walk in the room that they will make me fail.

I am ready for this semester.

There is Epcot music blasting in the background, and I AM READY FOR THIS SEMESTER.

Did you enjoy my little pep talk? I know I didn’t.

Good luck to everyone starting back to school these next few weeks, and I hope your semester’s waaay better than mine will be.

Now to write about microbeads. Yeehaw.


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