Happy New Year!

This is my first ever scheduled blog post.

The fact that I can do this is really weird. I no longer have to physically press the publish button in order to launch something into the world. I can just click a time, and when the clock strikes it, some magical computer elf will do it for me.

We truly are living in the future, people.

Which makes me wonder how far we will come next year. Already, going into 2016, the human race can fly, can mass produce chemicals into icing-filled cupcakes, can harness the power of the sun in order to heat and cool their homes, can talk face-to-face in real time with another person halfway across the world, can use a ridiculously expensive machine and some other raw materials in order print out a fully functioning human heart — or a simply a replica of Thor’s hammer.

We’ve literally done all we ever imagined we could do. So where will we go from here?

Of course, there’s always holograms and time travel and hover boards (no, not those dumb, flammable skateboards but real, actual, floating hover boards) to get cracking on, but I actually don’t know if that’s the direction humanity is heading.

What I think human efforts will be switching toward in the coming future are the things that truly matter rather than simple technological development. Not that technological development isn’t cool or fun (or is even simple), but there are just other things of higher import that need to be addressed for now.

PS, the type of technological development I’m referring to here is mainly entertainment gadgetry, such as the iPhone 10, 10+, 10C, 10S, and 10CSX+, with holographic eye scanners instead of passcodes, glow-in-the-dark color options, and a built-in M&M dispenser.

Cool? Yes. Important? No.

It made sense for awhile for humanity to want to push itself forward at all costs. Living conditions everywhere were pretty sucky, and populations were so isolated from each other that it didn’t really matter to anyone if one succeeded while another did not.

However, now that the world is so connected, the time for that is done. Now that some are comfortable and others not, humanity is realizing that it’s not just the success of one nation that’s important; when one succeeds while another stays behind and suffers, it’s really not a success at all.

So I think the next set of innovations to come will be ones where humanity as a whole can prosper. International conflicts talked out instead of fought over, droughts and water disparities prevented before they start, world hunger and poverty not just fixed for the short-term but permanently solved — these are the innovations that will mark the coming years, the true future of the world. And it’s going to start this year.

Happy 2016, everyone! May it be the best one yet!


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