Some Brief Comments on the World as of Late

1. The fact that everyone in this country is just waiting around for the next mass shooting to occur is pathetic.

2. The fact that I can even say the words “next mass shooting” in the same sentence is pathetic.

3. Kim Jong-un is on crack if he thinks the world is actually going to believe his joke of a government when they say they’ve made an H-bomb. Yeah, and I’m set for life because my granddaddy’s Donald Trump. Keep dreaming, buddy.

3. But speaking of Donnie, every single presidential candidate is out of his/her freaking mind, and having one human being as the head of our country is very much so about to become nothing more than a formality very, very soon. Kind of like good, ol’ Lizzie across the pond. Just with less politics. Waaay less politics

4. There are simply too many college professors in the world who get paid to stand up in the front of a half-empty classroom and school their students in arrogance. And stupidity. And the art of regurgitation. And then expect them all to graduate with 4.0’s and actually know how to be successful in real life.

5. And why we let people who couldn’t make it in their career field even with a Ph.D. resort to professing so they don’t get evicted, I have no idea.

6. Why we even waste our time in college in the first place, I have no idea, either.

7. Merry freaking Christmas, I haven’t finished shopping for anyone on my list yet.

8. I’m not even gonna mention my lack of presence on here again. (Oh wait)


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