It’s almost Christmas, and as an early present, BTS (my most favorite band ever, ahem), dropped not only their new music video, but also their whole entire new album. So here it is, in all of its glory. Please listen. Please enjoy.

Let’s love it together ❤ ❤

PS – I give it 5/5 stars and can wholeheartedly say it is their best album yet, which just fills my little fangirl heart with joy — so, so much joy!

Okay, enough gushing. Here is “Run,” which is their new MV:

[Note: If you want to understand the full context of the music video you just watched, take a quick 20 minutes to look at this masterpiece:

Sure, it doesn’t make anything make any more sense than before, but it does add context!

End note.]

And here is the full album:

NOTE: Please mind the cursing in the very first song.

I know I really have only been sharing K-pop lately on Music Monday, but BTS is just so freaking good, I can’t help it!!!!

All those exclamation points… That’s when you know it’s real…

Next time around, I promise something English. Really!

Stay well, and talk to you all soon!


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