Do you know what I really hate? When someone intermittently answers my texts after texting me first.

Look, I get it if I initiate the conversation. I mean, you didn’t text me first. You didn’t show that you wanted to have a conversation with me to begin with. So, you have a right to not answer in a prompt manner. I’m just being a nuisance and interrupting whatever it is you’re busy doing. So go ahead! Answer me every half hour! You have a right to!

But if you text me first, in my mind, that means you want to have a conversation with me. In my mind, that means you’re free and thus awaiting my responses — and thus should answer me every three or four minutes, not every 20.

When I always answer rapidly if I can, it just gets a little annoying to sit around waiting for a response, okay? Like, you texted me first, I got excited that someone actually wanted to talk to me, I replied, and nothing? Nothing? What am I? The gum on the bottom of your shoe? Okay.

Gosh, some people are just so inconsiderate.


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