Stories from College: WHAT A WEEK

To say that this was the worst week of my life would be an understatement.

So as you all probably already know, I started school again this past Monday, and as goes my luck, it of course began in the worst way possible. Correction: ways possible. It began in the worst ways possible. All of them. Every single one; it all went wrong, and I was just one giant disaster.

Here, let me take a brief moment to tell you some of what I’m talking about:

  1. I was ten-ish minutes late to my first class of the first day because the room it was originally in got changed, and of course I was the only one who didn’t the memo. (What made this even worse is that the class was a very high level Spanish course, so only about 12 people were in the room when I made my arrival… You could cut the awk with a knife. On the bright side, though, everyone now knows who I am.)
  2. My econometrics professor ran over her allotted class time on that same day (yes, while just discussing her syllabus, which sets the tone for the type of year I’m going to have), so I had to literally run all the way across campus to my last class of the day. In said running, I went up six flights of stairs — only to realize that the stairwell I used didn’t have access to the top floor, which contains the building’s exit.
    So, I got to run back down the stairs and then back up a different flight and then finally out of the building. But not after tripping and falling on my face, of course. (And, no, I did not make it to my class on time. And I was sweaty and gross. And I now have to sit in an isolated corner at a freaking table. It’s great being late.)
  3. I got to write an article for the university’s newspaper about Deez Nuts (you know, that presidential candidate who’s only 15 years old), but because I was so beat up by the end of that day, it was awful. Literally, so bad. Yet I still had to let it get published. Aish.
  4. I discovered that I’m going to have approximately 700 pages of reading to do for my various courses every single day this year, including weekends. I also discovered that I don’t speak Spanish as well as I thought I did, which is absolutely fantastic when you’re sitting in a tiny box for two hours three days a week being yelled at by a South American diplomat. It’s great. Really, it’s just great.

Not gonna lie here: There’s about 100,000 more terrible things that happened to me this past week, but I’m just so exhausted from it all that I’ve lost all recollection of them. But oh well; that’s probably for the better.

I’ve noticed a few things have changed from last year, though. First of all, I’m actually making friends!!! Last year, literally no one ever wanted to talk to me, but this year, everyone loves me! It’s great! I’m also loving all of my professors, not just a choice few, which makes doing mountains of work for them a bit more tolerable. I also went to a party last night, something I never do, so that was neat. And I get to sleep in basically every day, so my exhaustion can very easily be cured.

But then there’s the darker side of things: My nights are way later than before (untill about 10 or midnight), the material is much harder, I have no breaks in between any classes, there’s barely enough time for me to eat, I have four jobs I’m trying to balance, I’m already beat. Yeah. That part isn’t so great.

I’m thinking, though, that I just have to get back into the swing of things. Once that happens, this will definitely all get easier again. I’ll definitely not be as stressed, exhausted, and occupied as I currently am. Definitely. It’ll all be work out and thus be worth it.

Or I flunk out and just do whatever the heck I want with my life.

Either way, I’m cool with it.

Wow. Siting here now, I know that this is probably an awful post. Sorry about that! :/ I must admit, though, that content is probably going to be incredibly lacking for the time being, so use this to get you prepared.

Hey, I’m busy, okay? I can’t do everything all the time.

What I’m thinking regarding content, though, is that I’ll update in tiny bits throughout the week and do a larger, more normal post every two weeks. It’s going to be every two weeks because I’ll be alternating my “big posts” with my other blog; if I do one on here one week, then I’ll have to do one on there the next. It’s only fair.

Well, I literally can’t even think right now, that’s how much I’ve been exerting my brain this past week, so I’m gonna call it quits and count this is a pretty epic fail. Why? Because I didn’t talk about anything I wanted. So, yeah, fail on my part. But I’ll get around to that eventually. For now, though, I guess I’ll just leave this as a reminder for that: my doctor, that party, making friends, giant issues of magazines.

Oooh, foreshadowing!

Okay, so this is goodbye for now. Hopefully we’ll be seeing each other in the next few days, but if not, sorry in advance. My main goal, however, is not blogging; it’s trying not to die. And right now, school has a huge chance of killing me. So yeah. I’m gonna focus on keeping that at bay first. Then this.

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