Sue Heck = My Life

I’ve been a fan of The Middle ever since the show came out, and every single time I watch it (which is, uh, every single night), I just can’t help but feel more and more that Sue Heck is the epitome of my life. Literally, she is my spirit animal, in both the best and worst ways possible, and I just can’t help but talk about it a little bit tonight — mostly by counting all of the ways in which her actions mimic mine.

Yes, Sue, I go into everything new using solely my knowledge of TV and movies to get through, too.

I think every person on earth feels like this at some point in time. I especially feel like this every day before I head to campus. #commuterlife


Unfortunately, I have to keep this reaction inside my head at all times (especially at work), but if I could call every single moron I encounter in a day out, the above is exactly how I would do it.

I mean, some people are just so stupid, you can’t believe they’re sane.

I don’t babysit (thank the Lord), but I do (somehow) always end up in a crap ton of stressful situations that nothing could have ever prepared me for. So I panic, yell about how unprepared I am, and wing it. Sue always does the same thing, and it’s nice to know I’m not alone in that.

This one needs no explanation — unless you want me to specify bands so you can take me up on that offer, of course.

Oblivious, naive, punny. It’s great. We’re great.

I have had incredibly awkward moments like this happen to me during a few important presentations… So, uh, yeah, she’s definitely got me covered here.

I’m still too scarred to go into any further detail, though, so you’re gonna have to just deal with it.

With the typo in this meme aside, this quote right here, to be as basic as we can, is literally my life.

No one ever remembers my name. Ever. It’s hilarious. Over the years, I’ve been called nearly everything in the book, and so when someone actually gets it even kind of right, I’m just astounded; it really means a lot to us invisible types.

This one is also literally my life. Why? Because I’m incredibly inexperienced in the dating realm (lol, I don’t got time for that), which means that, just like Sue, I’mma have no idea what French kissing really is until it hits me. Same thing with regular kissing. And hand holding. And hugging. And flirting. And eye contact. And let me tell you, it’s gonna hit me hard — as well as probably gross me out. But that’s okay, for that’s all most likely 20 years down the road, anyway, so I’ve got awhile. (Yes, that’s how long it’s gonna take me to find someone, I just know it.)

But it’s not only what Sue says that I relate to. Her general reactions also just speak to me.

Based on what I just said about myself and boys, ^ that is totally me.


Also, ^ this is totally why I don’t drive a car, because I’m terrified of killing everything.


And, finally, ^ this is why I never get invited to parties: I dance like a complete idiot. (Probably because I am a complete idiot.)

Ah, she just gets me. And I get her. And that’s why I love the show, because of Sue Heck.

In general, whether you watch the show or not, just hail Sue. She’s gloriously awkward and relatable to all. Rock on, ABC writers, for the terrific characterization.

Rock on.

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