Music Monday: CANCELLED (So here’s some hot singers wearing flower crowns instead)

I know, I know: We might as well be cancelling Christmas.

Well, thanks to Google locking me out of my account for the next 24 hours due to “overactivity,” this week’s edition of Music Monday must be cancelled. (Google, I was just trying to send myself the photos and videos I needed for my post. Jeez. Calm yo’self.)

Anyway, I don’t really have a backup plan at this point that I can use in order to actually give you some legitimate content today, so instead of our regularly scheduled programming, please enjoy this montage of musicians I find to be incredibly hot.

PS – They’re all wearing flower crowns:

jmv flower crown

jjk flower crown

And, fellas, here’s some pretty ladies for your viewing pleasure, too (cause I don’t discriminate):

You’re welcome, everybody.

Hey, at least it still remotely deals with music.

Maybe next week I’ll have access to Google again. Hmmph.

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