For Ella and Cole: The Introduction

In January and in March, two of my aunts brought me cousins into this world (for the first time in 20 years, might I add), and ever since, I have just been so happy. Why? Well, because finally having more than just one cousin who you barely know due to you never seeing him is pretty darn amazing, that’s why.

I don’t think I need to say this, but I’ll say it anyway, just because:  I absolutely love my new cousins, Ella and Cole, with all of my heart. In my mind, I’m not just a cousin; I’m an honorary mom/aunt, and I’m going to treat them that way.

Yes, there’s lots of things I will be doing for you two, Ella and Cole, because of the way I see you in my mind (as if you’re my own kids rather than just my cousins). To name a few of those things,

  1. I will be babysitting whenever I possibly can, so the two of you better like me.
  2. I’m going to spoil you both silly. Not rotten, for I don’t want to ruin your beautiful natures, but silly; as long as I’m around, no matter what happens, you two will never want for anything, and it will make you into wondrously happy people.
  3. From the time you are old enough to talk and walk until the day this world ends, I’m basically going to be your best friend. We’ll be Gilmore Girls 2.0. (You guys won’t even know what that is, but that’s okay; we’ll still be it.)
  4. I’ll be writing you lots of stories, both for you two and about you two. We’ll start small and fairytale-like, that way you can always read them, but by the time you’re in middle and high school, you’ll have whole novels to yourselves. Mark my words, for it will happen.
  5. Speaking of “will’s” with emphasis, there will be dress-up time and tea parties. Yes, Cole, even when you’re there. Of course, though, we’ll have superhero time and what-not, too. The thing is, though, that we will all participate in everyone’s shenanigans. Yes, all of us, myself included, no matter what said shenanigans are (just as long as they’re safe). So start liking it now.
  6. Also branching off of number four on this list, I will be teaching you how to properly write. You’re welcome in advance.
  7. Going off of teaching now, Ella, I’ll be teaching you everything you could ever possibly want to know about beauty and fashion and makeup. You don’t necessarily have to apply what you learn in your life, but you will be learning about it. (Hey, I’ll finally have a willing and open audience, so why not?)
  8. And, Cole, I will also be teaching you about beauty, etc., just in a different sort of way. (But, hey, if you also want to wear makeup, I’m not one to stop you!) And, yes, you’ll be learning how to dress from me, too. (I would add in there “whether you like it or not,” but of course you’ll like it; you’re learning from me, you’re lifelong best friend, so how could you not?)
  9. And, of course, both of the aforementioned obviously mean I’ll be taking you two shopping all the time. Duh.
  10. Moving away from appearances, though, when you’re old enough, I’ll also be passing on to you two all of my most favorite books and toys and movies and games and everything else that has inspired me throughout my life (just don’t be mad when I ask you to eventually pass them on to my kids one day, okay?). Why would I give you all of those things? Well, because I want you both to always be inspired, just like I always was.
  11. Which brings me to this: I want to help you follow your dreams and achieve everything you want in life, no matter what that may be. Why? Because you deserve to follow your dreams. I know that you’re going to be wonderful people, which means that you deserve to be happy and live out all of your fantasies. So I will see that that happens.
  12. But, as much as I want you two to follow your dreams, understand now that I will be interrogating your very first boyfriend/girlfriend (as well as every other boyfriend/girlfriend after that) before you go out on a first date. Hey, as much as I want you to follow your dreams, I refuse to let you waste your precious time on an idiot! So potentially bad dreams (a.k.a. nightmares) will be thoroughly examined first. Don’t worry, though, for whether or not I actually stop you from pursuing them post interrogation will depend on a lot of things.
  13. With that being said, never be afraid to ask me for boy/girl/crush/dating advice, for I’m going to be more than willing to offer it. Same thing goes with friend advice. And any advice. Like I said, I just want to always be there for you, want to always be your best friend. Please, think of me as a steady rock that you can constantly feel comfortable leaning on, mostly due to the fact that you know it will never abandon you (because she’s family and thus refuses to). Yes, no matter what happens, I will be there for you, which means that I expect you to fully take me up on my every offer, especially the offering of advice.
  14. I’m taking you to Disney World whether your parents like it or not.

Obviously, though, there’s lots of other things I plan on doing for you guys. Listing them all, however, would simply take up too much time — so much time, in fact, that no human on earth would ever possibly be able to write it all down — and so I’ll stop where I’m at, keeping the rest inside as surprises.

The most important one on my mental list of things to accomplish with you both, though, no matter what happens between us, is to have you guys one day read this series that I am, at this moment, dedicating to you. I want to use it as an opportunity to talk to you both about life (ahem, before you deny me that chance in the future due to angsty, teen hormones). What makes it even cooler, too, is that I’ll be writing about it just as I experience it.

My hopes are that my trials and tribulations and triumphs might be able to help you out one day when you really need it, and me writing it all down now rather than waiting for you to ask is simply my way of guaranteeing that, truly no matter what happens, I will always be there for you, a rock to always lean on whenever you need me, even if I’m not physically there.

The real advice is going to start in the next part. I just wanted to take this first one to create an explanation as to why I’m doing this so that you guys don’t misunderstand. I can’t wait to see what my advice will end up being, and I can’t wait for you two to one day read it. Until then, though, know that I love you both with all of my heart, and I’ll see you soon.

Bye for now, my sweet babies!

(PS – I’m going to be writing a story in the very near future based off of this. See what I mean when I say you’re going to be the light of my literature?)


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