Stories From Life: XD, 3D, Imax Movies

Yesterday just really wasn’t my day.

So, whenever a movie that looks really good comes out, my sister and I always try to go see it in the theater on a Tuesday. Why? Because that’s our local theater’s cheap day. And we’re broke college kids. So the better question is, Why not?

Well, Antman just came out, and as Marvel fans (but Antman skeptics), we decided to go check it out yesterday, on Cheap Day Tuesday (which is the day’s unofficially official name for us), for the previews made it look like it could very possibly be a bust. And if it was, then at least it would only be a $5 one.

So the night before, after work, I pulled up the theater’s website and checked the many, many showtimes they had listed in order to find the one that would work best for us. I thought all of the options were a little bit odd, but then again, I also thought nothing of it since the film had just released; maybe they were simply expecting swarms of the public to come on Tuesday to see Antman.

Hahaha, that should have been my tip-off there. Oh, well. It was late.

Well, we picked the 3:15 showtime, and yesterday, that’s when we went.

Except that, when we got there, we realized (after the dude had already printed out our tickets and thus made us stuck with them) that the 3:15 showtime was actually for an X.D, 3D showing in an Imax theater. And was the only showing until later on that night. And had cost us $13.50 each on Cheap Day Tuesday. And the theater wasn’t even done being cleaned yet.

I had no words.

Along with pretending to throw my phone across the lobby in frustration, I also almost took the scarf that was tied to my purse and hung myself with it.

Seriously?! The ticket dude couldn’t have even warned us?!?! Couldn’t have even said the price before printing off the darn tickets?!?!?!?!


But whatever. We waited for the theater to be open (only after prematurely barging in, of course, not knowing any staff were in there cleaning), and we just sucked it up, letting the fact that we would have spent $20 each on our tickets if it wasn’t Cheap Day Tuesday try to ease the pain in our wallets.

Well, one thing is for sure: We ended up getting the most epic theater ever made in order to view our movie. There was an immaculate hallway leading up to the seating area, which had at least 50 rows of seats and held at least 400 people. And speaking of seats, they were some of the biggest, most comfortable ones I’ve ever sat in in my whole life. My whole life! And the butt part didn’t even have to be folded down in order to sit! It already permanently was, like a real chair! What?! And the screen went from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, so there was no such thing as a bad seat in the house.

But that didn’t really matter because the movie was so expensive that there were only six or seven other people in there with us. So we got top row, center seats (a.k.a. the best available), nonetheless.

As for the actual movie, it was the best sound and most crystal-clear image I’ve ever experienced in a theater. And the 3D wasn’t even that off-putting, as it normally is for me.

So I guess you could also say that, for $13.50, we ended up getting the most epic movie viewing experience of our lives…for Antman

Life is so hilarious sometimes.

(But the movie was actually way better than I expected, which eased the sick hilarity of everything else…until I reached into my purse and realized that I somehow forgot some of my sister’s snacks at home. Yeah, everything balanced out once again when she started whisper-yelling at me to get my act together.)


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