When It Rains, Make Sure You’re Not With Me

Because if you don’t, you’ll just end up stuck shelter-less in a downpour. Without an umbrella. While wearing something white.

For some reason, I always get stuck in the rain. Tonight was the second time in the last month alone where I have, and I’m starting to think that it’s just my bad luck.

But that bad luck isn’t necessarily such a bad thing, for these past two times in the rain have reminded me of something very important that I think I have forgotten lately: laughing.

In life, when stuff happens, whether it be good or bad, you simply can’t control it. Yup, when events kick into motion, as humans, there is simply nothing you and I can do to stop them, and that fact alone should make everything that happens to us infinitely better by making it infinitely more comical. Why? Well, because when you realize that what’s happening to you would’ve happened no matter what, it takes all the bias out of things and puts you in a sort of third-person perspective, as if you’re not experiencing the horror but  are rather watching someone else’s misery. And so you laugh, as if it’s some fantastic comedy you’re seeing on the big screen, and it only serves to make things better.

Like I just said, these last two times getting caught in the rain have reminded me of that, of laughing because I can’t control anything.

Yes, when umbrella-less Me was walking through the parking lot a few weeks ago, about a football field away from my car, and the torrential downpour began, there was nothing I could do. Nope, nothing at all but stand there for a second in shock and then proceed to take a shower in my clothes as I sprinted as fast as I could to my only shelter. And while I was a bit peeved at first, it faded after a moment when I realized just how helpless I was. And so I laughed, the whole way; I just howled and howled and howled, for there was nothing else I could’ve done.

Likewise, today, as I sat in my mother’s car with all the windows down waiting for her — and thus her car keys — to get out of the store that she ran into quickly in order to pick up a few groceries, the torrential downpour began, and there was nothing I could do but sit there and get soaked. And so I sat there and got soaked. And laughed. Because, once again, I was completely helpless. Yes, once again, of all the things to happen to all the people at all the times, it was rain to me right then. Ha!

And so, as the downpour continues even now, I just want to remind you to laugh. When bad things happen so often and when life just tends to generally suck, being able to laugh it off is something magical, something that’ll make things better and keep you hanging on. So, the next time something goes horribly wrong, just laugh. Swallow all of your feelings and just laugh away. I mean, it’s not like there’s really anything you could’ve done differently anyway (thanks, Fate). So laugh; it does wonders for the soul– and lifespan, so I’m told.


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