Music Monday: The Evolution of Modern Western Pop Music as Shown by Enrique Iglesias

Ah, my dear friend Richard Church. How I love him so!

Okay, so it’s certainly no secret that Enrique Iglesias has been on the music scene for quite some time now — although it still was shocking finding out his age just a few moments ago. The dude is already 40!!

What?? How?? When??

Anyway, remember the late ’90’s and early 2000’s when our good Señor was so popular that he basically owned the radio — and then mysteriously disappeared only to come back what seemed like seven years later, being even more successful than ever before, if that’s even possible?

Yeah, well, I do, and that’s proof enough for me that he’s literally been doing this music thing forever — or at least what seems like forever to me; his first album released before I was even born.


But any-who, in the long span that is Enrique Iglesias’ music career (as well as the short span that is my life), pop music has gone through some incredibly dramatic changes. And while we all definitely realize that, I don’t really think we know just how dramatic those changes have been.

I mean, sure, we can imagine our favorite ’90’s groups and then compare them to our favorite groups of today, but, in all honesty, that’s not enough juxtaposition for there to be an accurate comparison. So, to make up for that, I’m going to use Enrique Iglesias — the man who has been there for the entire recent music evolution — in order to show you just how much Western pop music has changed the last two decades (yes, believe it or not, that is how long ago his first album — as well as 1995 — was).

First, let’s look at the evolution of slow pop. Take a listen to the following two songs, one off of his first album and one off of his most recent, and be amazed at the drastic change that has happened.

P.S. – They are both in Spanish. Sorry.

(I must say very briefly, though, that the first change we can see overall is in general music content. The album names even show it; Enrique Iglesias to Sex and Love? Yeah, that’s a huge difference…)

“Si Tu Te Vas”

“El Perdedor”


I have to say that I am sooooo grateful for the positive change slow music has taken over the past two decades. Less cheesy drama, more class and polish, just as many sincere feelings — yes, now, it’s actually quite perfect.

But it’s time to look at faster-paced music. Again, there is a song from his first album followed by one from his latest in order to help us make an apples-to-apples comparison.

“Muñeca Cruel”

“Let Me Be Your Lover” *Warning: This is NOT for kids!*

So, to sum up this change up, we have less physical instruments and more sexual innuendos. Yeah, regarding modern pop, that seems about right.

It’s funny how fast things change, though, isn’t it?

(And, P.S.- I still don’t believe Enrique is 40. Look at that face. He just can’t be.)


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