The rain falls

The rain falls
and the city sleeps,
but as I lay,
I am wide awake.
I am beyond distressed,
always been such a mess,
always been stuck on such childish dreams.
So I guess I’ve just never really had the time to sleep.
Foolish me,
playing make believe,
with my head resting still
on the cool window sill.
Life’s not what it seems,
and life’s not what you dream.
Life is just dirt and seeds–
except in the middle of a drought;
it’s so hopeful at first,
but then comes the worst
to only fill you with doubt.
And that doubt stays.
In your mind, it replays,
over and over,
the turmoil, it brings you closer,
closer to the edge,
closer to being dead,
maybe not in real life
but definitely on the inside.
You’re definitely nearer to something that isn’t alive.
But then there’s a surprise;
you’ve been in a daze,
your eyes have been glazed
and your mind in a haze,
and you’ve been walking around each day
with your head in the gray clouds,
never looking around
but constantly looking down,
and so it smacks you in the face,
with no sympathy,
with no grace.
It takes you a moment to know,
but then a seed of thought starts to grow
because the drought has finally gone away,
and you’re reminded that the city is, in fact, covered in rain.
I’m reminded that the city is, in fact, covered in rain…
And the whole time it was all just in my brain.

Brought back to my reality,
I also remember that cardboard fortune cookie,
and in my head, I count the five years that it took me,
the five years that it predicted,
and I stop my thoughts and thank God for it.
And I rejoice,
and I replay,
and I retreat
to my bed where I know I can finally sleep,
for I’m finally relieved
of the stress that, for so long, accompanied my dreams.
But still I do not rest.
No, still, I just lay
between the sheets completely wide awake,
except, this time, not depressed.
This time, I’m too excited to sleep,
for why would I ever have such a need
and why would I ever want such a thing
if reality suddenly is my dream?

Long time no see, eh? Well, there was more traveling in my recent past, so that’s why I haven’t been active on here as of late. (Darn hotel wifi!) Hopefully, though, you’ll be seeing all of my recent adventures on here soon. But for now, you’ll have to try to enjoy this little poem of mine that I just re-found instead. I don’t know when I wrote it or why, but I like it, and I truly hope that you do, too!


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