Tag: 50 Questions About Me

“You’re so vain!”

So…I’m doing a tag…even though I hate tags…

That’s right! I’m manning up and finally doing my only first tag ever because, in all honesty, they really aren’t that bad. Also, they’re pretty fun ways for everyone to get to know each other better, and since I’ve been ignoring the whole “get to know each other better” part of blogging since I started this page nine months ago (wow, I could have a baby by now), I figure it’s time I finally get around to it.

Better late than never, right?



So here’s my little tag baby, freshly out of the womb just for you to enjoy (as all friends of new mothers see newborns). I’ve pulled the questions below from the first two blogs that popped up on my Google search, Ysis Lorenna and Everywhere You Look, as well as by pulling a few out of my own head. All in all, there’s fifty questions I’ve answered, and I hope by the end of them, you know me a little better. (Friendship! Yay!!) As to whether or not knowing me better makes you like me more, however, well, only time will tell!

Feel free to take this tag in order to answer the questions for yourself. After all, that’s exactly what tags are for!

So here we go!


^Look! It’s me!

  1. What is your full name? I’m not revealing my last name on here for privacy purposes, but I will tell you that at least part of my full name is Leah Danielle Dev—-, with the “Dev” portion of my surname being important for later. There are quite a few other places on the internet, though, where my full name can be found, if you’re really that desperate to know it. *hint, hint, wink, wink*
  2. Are you named after anyone? Yes, actually. My first name was thanks to my parents not being able to decide in the delivery room and thus my Nana suggesting “Leah” because of Leah in the Bible (since my older sister was named after Rebekah in the Bible). My middle name is after my grandfather (father’s father) Daniel, who passed away before I was born.
  3. When is your birthday? August 2, 1996 #summerbirthdays4lyfe
  4. What is your eye color? Brown! But fun fact: I was born with blue eyes.
  5. How tall are you? 5’8″ (172.72 cm)
  6. What are you wearing right now? My current pajamas: baby blue and cotton-candy-pink vertically striped sleep shorts from Gap and an old t-shirt I got in the Dominican Republic many, many years ago.
  7. Do you have any siblings? Yes, my aforementioned older sister, Bekah, whom I wuv
    Bekah, my older sister
  8. Are you married? At only 18, no
  9. Do you have kids? Also a big no! One day, however.
  10. Why is your blog named so? Honestly, I couldn’t think of a name for it, so I just combined the first two letters of my first name, Le(ah), with the first three letters of my middle name, Dan(ielle), and the first three letters of my last name, Dev. (See why my last name is important now??) And thus ledandev was born!
  11. When was the last time you cried? Here’s the thing: I cry a lot. It’s always behind closed doors (so as to not make others sad with me), but it’s still a lot. I’m not a wimp or anything; I’m just a very sensitive person who cares a lot (maybe too much) about a lot of things, and so it causes me to get teary-eyed all the time. Anyway, with that cleared up, I think the last time I cried was the other night when I was thinking of something sad one of my closest friends told me happened to her this past semester at school. (Although, it also could be more recent if we’re counting happy tears here, for I also cry every time I laugh, for some reason.)
  12. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Nooo. Never! (Except with strangers, of course; doing so is kind of rude.)
  13. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? I honestly don’t know! I’d like to think so, but who knows! So I’ll give this one a “hopefully.”
  14. Will you ever bungee-jump? Being that it’s a dream of my dad’s to go–and also that I’m kind of an adrenaline junkie–heck yeah! I’d go right now if I could!
  15. What’s your favorite cereal? Cereal is for wimps. I’m more of a biscuit kind of gal.
  16. What’s the first thing you notice about people? It’s how they act, as in whether or not they are polite, kind, respectful, mindful, etc.
  17. Scary movie or happy endings? Both. I like a good mix, so I tend to switch on and off, depending on my mood–although, I watch more action films than scary ones.
  18. Favorite smells? Bath and Body Works’ Dancing Waters scent, salt water, cookies baking in the oven, hot and humid air just before it rains, new car smells, strawberry lip balm, Versace Eros cologne, and overheated sweeper bags.
  19. Summer or winter? I honestly can’t choose; I love them both equally. My favorite season, however, is fall.
  20. Computer or television? Computer! There’s no way to write with a TV!
  21. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? I’m pretty sure it’s Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
  22. Do you have any special talents? Special or hidden? Cause I have a lot of hidden talents, but if we’re only talking about special, then it’s solely writing.
  23. Where were you born? The United States of America! Yeehaw!
  24. What are your hobbies? Writing (about anything in any medium), reading (books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc.), listening to music, shopping, being with my family, playing softball and badminton, spectating ice hockey, blogging :D, doodling/drawing, traveling, eating, cooking, baking, collecting hockey trading cards (don’t judge), not sleeping ever, learning about South Korea, and just generally learning about anything I can (in any way I can).
  25. Do you have any pets? Yes, a four-year-old chocolate lab named Daisy, and she is my world!
    Daisy-boo ❤
  26. Favorite movie? Sorry, but I absolutely cannot pick just one! The official list of favorites: The Princess Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean (all in the series), Never Been Kissed, Just My Luckthe most recent adaptation of Les Miserables, Around the World in 80 DaysTangled, and Mulan.
  27. What do you want to be when you grow up? A happy writer 🙂
  28. What was(were) your favorite subject(s) at school? By far, English and history #nerdstatus
  29. What is your favorite drink? Any tea, just as long as it is hot and has nothing added into it.
  30. What is your favorite song at the moment? Again, I can’t pick just one, so I have to say BTS’ whole new album. Warning: It isn’t in English (and it does curse here and there, naughty, naughty!), but it’s still one of the most amazing albums I’ve ever listened to. And you should listen, too! It’s The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1. Go ahead and listen. (You’ll just need to download Spotify first for what I linked to.) Trust me: You won’t be disappointed.
  31. What is your favorite food?
  32. What is the last thing you bought? These shorts, even if they were an incredible splurge…
  33. Favorite book of all time? Singular book? Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. Book Series? L.A. Meyer’s Bloody Jack.
  34. Favorite color? Blue, blue, blue! Light, dark, in the park, all shades of blue!
  35. Favorite Perfume? For spring, Bath and Body Works Dancing Waters. For summer, Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue. For fall, Versace Eros (WHICH THEY ARE FINALLY MAKING FOR WOMEN!!!). For winter, Pink Sugar.
  36. Favorite Holiday? The person before me, because she is British, took this to mean “favorite vacation you’ve ever been on,” but I’m going to take it as legit holiday and say Christmas.
  37. Have you ever been out of the country, and if so, how many times? Yes, to Canada, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman, and Mexico. So to five countries, but technically it’s from leaving my own only four times.
  38. Do you speak any other language(s)? Yes! I am nearly fluent in Spanish (it’s my minor at school), and I am currently slowly (but surely) teaching myself Korean. I actually have a whole list of languages I plan on teaching myself by the time I die; words and communication just really intrigue me. #nerdstatus
  39. What is your favorite shop? H&M, without a doubt. I love it so much that I even started working there!
  40. Favorite restaurant? The California Grill in Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Hands down, there’s no other food on this earth that compares.
  41. Favorite Blog? You remember my hobbies list, right? Well, because of one of those hobbies, it’s Eat Your Kimchi. (And also my sister’s fashion blog, Moments of a Mermaid, but I won’t link that here since it will notify her…and I’m kind of still in the blogging closet…even after nine months. I know, I know, I’ll come out one day. Anyway, here is the link to it for you to copy and paste into the address bar in case you want to check it out: https://momentsofamermaid.wordpress.com/)
  42. Favorite TV show? Of all time, Psych
  43. PC or Mac? PC? I don’t know; I’ve never had the joy of experiencing a Mac, so I can’t really pick.
  44. What phone do you have? A white iPhone 6, 16 GB (It’s not nearly enough storage for the amount of pictures I take, though, but it’s a heck of a lot better than the Windows Phone I had before it… *shudders* Never get a Windows Phone. EVER.)
  45. Can you cook? Yes!! And I love it! Although, I love baking even more.
  46. What’s your biggest fear? I’m terrified of letting someone down. When I feel like I have, I cannot live with myself.
  47. Celebrity crush? There’s way too many! A short list of my favorites, however, is: RDJ, Tom Hiddleston, Orlando Bloom, Jungkook of BTS, and Ed Sheeran. Any of the aforementioned can marry me ANY DAY.
  48. What’s your most embarrassing moment? ……Ahem…Well, let’s just say that some very explicit content accidentally made its way into a presentation I did in my computer class during my sophomore year of high school. You can fill in the specifics with whatever you like, but I’m too scarred still to talk about them.
  49. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done? Let go of a 13-year-long friendship without ever being told why it had to end.
  50. What’s your favorite quote? “Don’t mistake kindness for weakness, and don’t let others do so, as well. You are kind, but you are not weak. Believing that the kind aren’t strong is one of the many follies of the world.” — My high school newspaper adviser/AP Lit teacher, Robyn.


Well, it was lovely getting to know you (er, getting you to know me), but now I never want to talk about myself ever again!

Have a fantastic day, guys!


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