Drafts (Because, apparently, it’s summer!)

Yes, this is a filler post, partly because I’ve been gone for too long on here (thanks be to school and travel) and mostly because I just need to complain.

What do I need to complain about? Well, I am trying to sit in the library on my campus and get some homework done, but I can’t. And do you know why I can’t?

Because there is the biggest draft in the word circulating around the table I’m at, and I’m freezing my buttocks off. That’s why I can’t!

No joke here, my fingertips are purple (because cold rooms don’t help poor circulation, and poor circulation doesn’t help cold rooms), and I have to keep my jaw clenched so that my teeth don’t chatter. It’s a freaking cold wind tunnel right now, and it’s all up in my business! And I am truly sorry, dear library, but when it is still only in the 40’s outside (fahrenheit), there is absolutely no need to have the A.C. on! I don’t care how cold our winter was! This is not warm enough for air conditioning! I mean, my book pages are literally flapping in the breeze! Come on!

And another complaint: My iPad battery is currently draining faster than Californian water bodies. I’m already at 38%! How am I going to make it through the night?? I have things to do, battery! Very important things!!

Man, these are some serious first world problems. So I guess, then, it’ll only be fitting if I end this white girl drama with a classic #blessed, right?



Good Lord, what is wrong with me?!


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