Seasonal Time Lapse

There’s only two things I find as beautiful as red and yellow leaves on trees: Disney World and the art of fall slowly fading into winter. Because the former is, for obvious reasons, very hard to capture without lots of advanced planning (and money), I decided to tackle the latter. Over the past few months, I’ve taken images that capture this beauty I speak of, the beauty of this earth as it transforms its climate from cold to even colder. I guess you can call this a sort of long-term time lapse that consists solely of sunrises, skylines, woods, and sunsets. I really hope you enjoy it.


Now to jump back to early November (which is the start of the transition from mid to late fall where I live):

*WARNING–Winter comes a lot quicker than you think!!*

Week 1:

Bright, pastel skies; leaves just beginning to abandon their trees; sparkling rivers–yes, it’s definitely the middle of fall!


morning 2

Remember that that’s water behind that railing; you’ll be seeing it again a bit later.

mid fall

mid fall 3

Week 2:

Sparse trees and darker morning skies are the sure sign that winter (as well as the horrid cold) is on its way. When mornings turn into this, I begin to pull out all of my thick, heavy sweaters in preparation for my soon-coming woolen hibernation.

fall sky

late fall2


Above is the very last bug I’ve seen since that last week of November. 😦

Week 3:

I swear it happened overnight, but that first week of December, all of a sudden the leaves were gone, snow had fallen, and winter hit us full on.


leaves in snow3


Dark and cold and dark and cold…that’s all winter really ever is, now isn’t it?

And for the past two-and-a-half months, every single day has (more or less) looked like this:


winter 5

winter 6

winter 4

winter 7

winter 10

Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, and more snow! Yay!

*She exclaims, not at all enthused.*

Every single day has been frigid and white, which gets to be a bit much after a while, even if it is pretty to look at. That was the case until last week, however, when we suddenly got a bit of a warm spell–warm even to the point where I could walk outside without a coat on and be completely comfortable.

So it was between 35 and 40 degrees, I’d say, which may not sound too toasty to a lot of people, but around here at this time of year, that is heavenly. Absolutely heavenly! And I was oh so grateful for it!

today 2


Grass! You could finally see the grass!!

It was short-lived however; this past week, the snow has returned, and the temperature has barely been passing five degrees for the high (Fahrenheit, may I remind you). And with the wind chill, it’s been a solid -20 for about five days straight now.

I bet 40 is sounding like a dream now!

Here’s a look at things today:


See that white stretch beyond the rail? That was a rapidly flowing river not too long ago. Now it’s one giant ice cube, as am I. Hopefully Elsa will leave us soon.*sigh*


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