The Things I love: October

Growing up in the Appalachian Mountains, I’ve never not been surrounded by trees. That’s meant lots of white tailed deer and turkeys and rabbits jumping from seemingly nowhere into the middle of the road and hitting your car (or getting hit by your car). That’s meant more than enough downed telephone poles and surprise power outages because of strong winds mixed with dead trunks. That’s meant ugly winters full of skinny, brown, pointy arms on grey sky. That’s meant deforestation that creeps onto your own private property, and by the time you catch it, it’s too late; both your trees and the company in charge of removing them are gone, and you’re left feeling violated in a very odd way. You’re also left with a heck of a lot of stumps to clean up, for heaven forbid the tree removal service ever takes care of that!

But, even though the mountains and their trees have always meant hassle, they’ve also always meant beauty. Sure, winters can get pretty ugly where I live, but every other season is mesmerizing. I think that’s the reason why I love nature so much. I’ve been exposed to its beauty, its magical, mysterious ways, for so long that I’ve been hypnotized by it. I’ve stared at the trees around me for so long that I’ve fallen in love with them, the way they look and the way they move. They’re just so incredible, so freeing. I probably sound completely off my rocker, but just take ten minutes out of your day to look at a tree, and you’ll begin to see what I mean.

While, yeah, there’s other nature than trees and all nature is beautiful, the most spectacular moments around here always involve the trees: in the spring when the blossoms sprout and the baby leaves begin to grow; in the summer when, finally, after months of half life, the leaves suddenly pop out, making the trees seem like deep yet bright green puffs; and in the fall when the weather drops, the sap stops rising, and the leaves slowly turn from bright green, to light green, to yellow-green, to yellow, to yellow-orange, to orange, to scarlet, then drop.

In my opinion, the most beautiful is the fall, more specifically October. The world becomes so full of vibrant color, which is odd because, in reality, everything is dying. But it’s by far the most beautiful death I’ve ever seen, a death that is more than worthy of the lives the leaves have lived, a death that celebrates their beauty better than anything else ever could.

I just love Octobers! I couldn’t imagine living somewhere that doesn’t have Octobers, and I’m very sorry for those of you who do; you’re missing out! So in honor of it (and it’s golden leaves) coming and finally passing, here are some images I’ve taken of what I find most beautiful about Octobers, a commemoration of sorts for your (hopeful) viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Love #1: Fall skies

Fall skies are beautiful. From looking up and seeing leaves fluttering about you to the beautiful colors formed at sunset, there are no other skies that compare.

Looking up and seeing the leaves falling all around you is just magical. It's like those awesome film moments with snowflakes, but better and more colorful.

Fall skies are by far the most beautiful.

Even though blurry, I think this gets the color point across. The light pinks and deep reds are never more apparent than in October.

Love #2: Leaves

Leaves are by far my favorite part of October. There’s literally millions of them that fall, creating a blanket of colorful snow across the ground, speckling the skies with pops of rare vibrancy. It’s spectacular.






Just a a few more for the leaves! They’re too beautiful for me to not get carried away!





Love #3: Fashion

Sure, maybe I’m sneaking this one in hear, BUT the reason why I love fall fashion is because of the colors you wear, such as brown and orange, navy and burgundy. They’re the colors of the world around me at this time, the shades of the leaves and skies I love so much, so I thought it was both fitting and appropriate to throw fashion in here (even if it is a bit of a stretch regarding the whole nature aspect of this post).

I will, however, refrain from turning this into a fall fashion post and only show you two of my three favorite staples this season: my orange utility jacket and brown combat boots. They make me feel like a walking tree, and I love it!

I will, however, refrain from turning this into a fall fashion post and only show you two of my three favorite staples this season: my orange utility jacket and brown combat boots. They make me feel like a walking tree, and I love it!


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